The Author - Oaf in Ophir
Author Daniel G Linsteadt

Daniel G Linsteadt

Daniel shares his passion for inspiring and uplifting stories—where entering the realm of the magical and spiritual blend with the heartbeat of all life—and creatures see answers to those deep questions that stir within us. Daniel received two BAs from the University of California Santa Barbara and spent most of his career as an IT programmer.

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"The elusive Oaf sparks the imagination, leaving the reader wishing for more! Captivating from beginning to end, Linsteadt weaves an enchanting lyrical tale of a family's search for innocence and wisdom through their connection to nature."
—Paula Peach, Teacher/Artist/Musician
—Eric Peach, Author/Teacher
"The Oaf in Ophir rekindles the spirit of the forest for young and old to explore, trust, play and come back to time and time again. This children's story will prompt any age to grab a friend and go explore their surrounding ecosystem, one creek at a time."
—Aimee Retzler, Sierra Harvest Co-Director

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